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Is your child a thumb sucker? Although it is normal for many children, it should always be discouraged. If left unchecked, a child who sucks their thumb is more likely to suffer from malocclusions in their smile as well as growth issues with their baby teeth and even possibly their adult teeth to come.

– Extreme bouts of thumb sucking at an advanced age can cause a growth hindrance in a child’s permanent set.
– Try talking with your child about thumb sucking, and warn them of the perils it entails
– Always try to commend your child and never appear mad at them, as thumb sucking is a very personal trait to many children, often used as a means of protection.
– If your child will not easily give up the unhealthy trait, their pediatrician can use a foul-tasting substance to coat their thumbs to help curb and remove their behaviors.
– Try to avoid switching out thumb sucking with praises for pacifiers. Although pacifiers are an easier habit to break, it can have the same negative consequences on your child’s smile.

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