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What’s louder than a bullhorn and more angry than a bull? Answer: a teething baby. If you’re a new parent with a baby who’s teething, please let us be the first to say both congratulations and we’re sorry. We want to support you and your baby to get through this hard time, so here are some pieces of info you should know about.

Babies are born with 20 undeveloped teeth. These teeth, tooth buds, will become baby chompers. They can come in at different times. For a few children, tooth buds will erupt from the jaw as baby chompers as soon as at half of a year of age. For other children, the chompers might begin to appear when they are one year old or older. It’s most rampant for all 20 prime pearly whites to show in children by the time they are three years old. Generally speaking, the first chompers to erupt are the top and bottom incisors, set at the very front of the oral cavity.

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