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If you want a successful orthodontic journey, then you need to care for your teeth and braces. One way to do so is by flossing your smile regularly. In fact, our orthodontist, Dr. Hetal Rana, encourages you to floss as often as possible, even after each meal and snack. To help you know why this is important, she is happy to list a couple reasons here:

Flossing helps you prevent cavities. This is because it removes the harmful bacteria from between your teeth. If you don’t remove the bacteria on a daily basis, they can attack the tooth enamel, form a cavity, and even affect two teeth at the same time. Plus, cavities cause complications during the orthodontic treatment, and it’s best to avoid that at all costs.

Flossing helps you prevent gum disease. Gum disease is a very serious and dangerous dental issue, so this is very important. Plaque is a major cause of gum disease, and it grows between your teeth and along the gumline each day. This substance needs to be removed regularly by flossing, otherwise your smile can reap the consequences.

Flossing helps you remove stubborn and stuck food particles from your teeth and braces. This can help you prevent an embarrassing food-filled smile and bad breath.

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