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If you are going to restore your oral health and improve your tooth’s look with a dental crown in Roseville, California, good for you! Dental crowns are sturdy, steadfast, and striking dental caps that can be excellent substitutes for your tooth enamel and complete the strong, serviceable, and gorgeous smile you need. Dr. Hetal Rana is happy to tell you what to expect during crown placement.

After you are settled in one of our dental chairs, Dr. Hetal Rana will examine the tooth and take a series of X-rays. This will help your dentist establish the health of your tooth as well as the surrounding bones. When you’re ready, she will numb the tooth and its adjacent areas with a numbing agent. This will help you feel comfortable during your appointment.

Then, she will eliminate the majority of your tooth’s enamel to make room for the restoration. When the tooth is the right dimension, she will make a detailed mold of the tooth and will take it to a dental lab where your crown will be custom made. In the meantime, Dr. Hetal Rana will cover your tooth with a temporary crown.

When your permanent dental crown is ready, you can come back to Blue Hill Dental to get it placed. During this time, your dentist will check the fit and appearance of the tooth to make sure it exceeds expectations. Then, she will cement it over your tooth.

If you have any queries about proper dental crown treatment, please bear in mind that our dental team is always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 916-774-4499 during office hours. We are happy to give you the answers you seek.