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Have you heard of CEREC® technology and its influence on same-day dentistry? Our team at Blue Hill Dental is proud to offer CEREC dental crowns in Roseville, California, to provide restorative dentistry in as little as one visit for patients who are struggling with broken or damaged teeth. Below we offer further information on the process of CEREC dental crowns and their aesthetic appearance.

CEREC technology provides permanent dental crowns faster than traditional methods by reducing the number of steps required to create and place a dental crown. CEREC can forego the use of temporary dental crowns because instead of creating the crowns in an off-site dental lab that takes several days or weeks, we can mill the crowns on site and place them in your smile in the same visit. In just one appointment, you can receive a crown that lasts for ten years or more.

The basic appearance and function of a CEREC dental crown is similar to a traditional crown, as it covers the whole tooth to improve the appearance and provide protection. However, CEREC crowns can also be highly customized to a specific tooth because they are created right in our office. This enables us to achieve the desired size, color and shape without waiting on a dental lab to make any needed adjustments.

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