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If you need to have a tooth extracted, our dentist, Dr. Hetal Rana will give you some specific instructions for your aftercare. After your extraction site has properly healed, then you can discuss tooth replacement options with the doctor. One thing that you should prevent during your recovery is dry socket.

After your extraction, a blood clot forms over the empty socket. That blood clot has an important job to do: protecting the socket from infection. If they blood clot is ruptured or is removed, not only will you become vulnerable to infection, but you will experience pain since the nerves and the bone will be exposed to the open air and the contents of your mouth. To prevent dry socket, follow the tips below.

Eventually after your extraction, you will feel like eating and drinking again. But until the extraction site has healed you should chew your food on the opposite side of your mouth. A straw may seem like good way to drink something without opening your mouth too much, however, creating any kind of suction in your mouth, whether it is with a straw or a cigarette increases the risk of rupturing or removing the clot protecting your socket. While we are on the subject of cigarettes, tobacco use of any kind can slow the healing process.

For the first 24 hours after the extraction, you can brush your other teeth, but you should rinse the extraction site with warm water and an antibacterial mouthwash. If you do rupture the clot, contact the dentist right away.

Preventing dry socket is an important part of making sure that your extraction heals properly and that you can start the process of replacing your missing tooth.

If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, or if it just time for your regular cleaning and exam, our dentist, Dr. Hetal Rana would be happy to help you. To schedule an appointment at Blue Hill Dental in the city, state area, contact our office at 916-774-4499. We’re eager to help you get a smile you’ll love.