Should You or Your Child Receive Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are designed to cover the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in these areas. At Blue Hill Dental, we offer dental sealants for child and adult patients, as long as the patient is old enough to have received their adult molars. If... Read more »

Getting a Letter From the Tooth Fairy

Do you have fond memories of the Tooth Fairy when you were a child? Do you recall your excitement as you tried to either fall asleep or fake it so that the fairy would come sooner? If you’re in the season of life where you get to become a tooth... Read more »

Tips for Giving Mouth-Healthy Gifts This Easter

If you want your loved ones to have strong and healthy smiles this Easter holiday, then it’s best to give them gifts that are healthy for the teeth and gums. Unfortunately, there are many gifts that can cause dental issues and dental pain, especially certain types of candy. So, if... Read more »

The Benefits of CEREC® Technology for Dental Crowns

Have you heard of CEREC® technology and its influence on same-day dentistry? Our team at Blue Hill Dental is proud to offer CEREC dental crowns in Roseville, California, to provide restorative dentistry in as little as one visit for patients who are struggling with broken or damaged teeth. Below we... Read more »

Chronic Dry Mouth Can Promote Oral Health Problems

Saliva plays a variety of important roles in your mouth. These include lubricating food when eating and moistening your mouth when speaking and breathing. After you are done with a snack or a meal, your mouth continues to produce saliva to help wash away food particles that linger in your... Read more »

Consistent Oral Hygiene Habits Are Critical for Good Oral Health

The long-term health of your mouth is an important factor in your overall enjoyment of life. Preventing oral health problems like cavities, gum disease, and other conditions is an essential first step in maintaining a healthy mouth. This starts with practicing a consistent and effective daily oral hygiene routine by... Read more »

Talk to Your Dentist About Dental Erosion Prevention

In order to effectively treat your smile, it is important to make sure that dental damage in the form of tooth enamel wear is minimized. This can be done by keeping your mouth clean and free of plaque buildup and bacteria that often convert substances in your mouth into harmful... Read more »

Dental Findings on Composite Dental Fillings

  Never underestimate the powers of effective tooth restorations. Many tooth restorations are designed to completely eradicate oral health ailments that have arisen and potentially restore your smile to even better than normal. However, they're often needed to prevent damage from getting worse. One such restoration refers to dental fillings,... Read more »

The Timeline for Baby Teeth

What’s louder than a bullhorn and more angry than a bull? Answer: a teething baby. If you’re a new parent with a baby who’s teething, please let us be the first to say both congratulations and we’re sorry. We want to support you and your baby to get through this... Read more »

Chronic Plaque Acids from Poor Oral Hygiene Could Increase Your Chances of Suffering Tooth Decay

Brushing your teeth each morning and night and making an effort to remember to floss at least once each day can do more than simply provide you with fresh breath and a clean feeling mouth. Indeed, this important daily oral hygiene regimen is critically important for maintaining healthy teeth and... Read more »