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Baby bottle tooth decay refers to tooth decay in infants and young children, often as the result of prolonged exposure to sugar. If your child’s baby teeth are not taken care of, it’s likely that their adult teeth will fail to grow in smoothly and comfortably, leading to many potential oral health care issues down the road. Here are some helpful tips for preventing baby bottle tooth decay:

– A child’s first tooth begins to appear when they are around 6 months of age, and at this time, the tooth is disposed to baby bottle tooth decay, so it must be cared for daily.

– Baby bottle tooth decay is often caused by the liquids placed in baby bottles, such as sports drinks, sugar water, honey-infused liquids, sugary juices, and soft drinks.

– Avoid sharing utensils, toys, pacifiers, bottles, or cleanings tools like toothbrushes between you and your child, as this can increase the risk of bacterial contamination being sent to your child.

– Avoid topping baby bottles with sugary sweets like honey.

– Be careful to never use too much toothpaste when cleaning your infant’s mouth, so for children under 3, use a pop of toothpaste the size of a rice grain.

– Prohibit your child from falling asleep with a bottle in their mouth.

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