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Did you know that halitosis is another name for foul breath? Although it may seem like a side effect, halitosis isn’t always caused by eating smelly foods. In some cases, halitosis is a sign of something much worse, which can include diseases and ailments within the body.

If you fail to maintain proper brushing and flossing daily habits, halitosis has an increased chance of occurring. This is because plaque buildup and food particles in the mouth can cause foul odors, or worse. If gum disease begins to occur, the tissue in your mouth begins to be infected, leading to odors associated with bad breath. If left unchecked, gum disease can lead to tooth loss.

Bad breath may also be the result of medications you are taking, including those with known side effects of bad breath. However, bad breath may also be caused by an underlying illness, including respiratory tract infections, kidney problems, and liver failures. If you do suffer from bad breath, speak with your dentist to see what is causing it as soon as possible.

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