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It should come as no surprise that many children are anxious, or even scared when it comes to seeing the dentist. After all, many adults are uncomfortable with sitting in the exam chair. But if you want your child to have healthy teeth that will last a lifetime, regular visits for cleanings and exams are a must. Here are some things that you can do to make those visits less stressful.

First, your child should be no stranger to the dentist. His first dental appointment should be within six months of getting his first tooth but before his first birthday. If your child is a little older and the first visit is coming up, or he is going in for a new procedure, you may want to schedule a pre-visit at the office. This will give your child a chance to meet the dentist and the staff, see the office and to learn about what will take place during his appointment.

Don’t tell your child that the visit to the dentist will be painless. Instead tell him that the dentist will clean or fix his teeth, and give him a nice smile. Don’t use a trip to the dentist as a threat or a punishment. You can always take a trip to the library to check out books and videos about visiting the dentist, and it may help to talk with your child about his feelings or concerns.

If your child is feeling anxious on the day of his appointment, let him bring a favorite small toy, stuffed animal or blanket with him for comfort. Talk with your dentist to see if you can remain in the examination room during your child’s procedure.

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