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If you are in need of a tooth restoration treatment to repair a broken or damaged smile, there are numerous options at your disposal. However, we highly recommend you choose a cosmetic dentistry service to not only improve the function of a smile but also to improve its look. If you have any surface damage to teeth that you would wish to repair, consider a dental bonding treatment.

Dental bonding treatments are designed to enhance your smile by concealing and covering surface damage. If you have suffered service damage in the form of tooth decay, cracks or chips, spacing problems, receding gums, or other similar stains and discoloration, dental bonding treatments can help repair smile. if you would like to visit your dentist for an appropriate dental bonding treatment, come in at your earliest convenience.

Dental bonding treatments can also double as composite fillings because they are made of materials that are extremely durable and capable of protecting your teeth. Unlike amalgam fillings which are metallic and shiny, dental bonding treatments are tooth colored and will blend in well with your natural smile. In addition, a single bonding treatment typically lasts over 10 years before it may need to be repaired or replaced.

If you would like to know if you require dental bonding, please schedule an oral exam with Dr. Hetal Rana and our team at Blue Hill Dental at our dentist office in Roseville, California, by calling us at 916-774-4499.