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Jeff Engle says...

 I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how thankful I am for what you have done for me. 

Before coming to see you I was always self conscious about my smile and have seen many dentists who just saw me as a meal ticket.

Your caring nature and your perfectionism have really changed my life for the better. 

Going to the Dentist is now something I really don't mind doing. 

Thank you very much and I hope you also realize what an asset you have in Krysta, it is always a great experience dealing with her.

 Evelyn Riggs says...

I recently moved to Roseville and was looking for a dentist. I noticed Dr. Rana was on my insurance plan and her office was less than a mile from my home.

The following evening part of my front crown shattered so I called Dr. Rana at 5:15 pm. She saw me 25 minutes later to access the damage and set me up for the appointment 2 days later.

She did preparations for 2 top front crowns and made the temporary crowns in her office. They were so natural looking that no one even noticed.

Ten days later my two new beautiful crowns (reinforced with gold) were in place. I am so pleased with them. My family thinks that these are far superior then the previous crowns in every way!!!

Dr.Rana is a kind and gentle person. Her work is impeccable. The staff members are all very pleasant. 
I recommend Dr. Rana to anyone looking for a dentist in Roseville.

Jen Bauser says...

I am terrified to visit the dentist, and because of it I neglected my mouth by avoiding regular check ups.  I was searching for a dentist that I felt comfortable with for a while, and basically gave up.  

After several years, it became very important that I search again.  My search led me to Dr. Rana and her staff at Blue Hill Dental.  Like I said, I am incredibly terrified of a dentist, anything and everything that has to do with the dental office.  

From the initial phone conversation with Krysta, I began to feel a bit comfortable about my choice to meet with Dr. Rana.  On my way to my first appointment, I wanted to turn around and go home, but am I ever glad that I didn't turn around. After meeting with the staff here, I felt comfortable to follow through with the treatments they recommended to me.  

At my very next appointment, I endured a periodontal scaling and a wisdom tooth extraction, and didn't feel a thing.  Dr. Rana handled my whole experience with such great tender care.  Her entire staff was (is) compassionate to my fears, I can't help but feel great that I am a patient at Blue Hill Dental.  Thanks Dr. Rana, Krysta, and Nicole, for all that you have done for me...

Because of them, I feel I am in the right hands and on my way to a healthier mouth and sparkling smile.