Roseville Family Dentistry - Roseville, CA Dentist - Hetal Rana, BDS

If you are seeking a family dentist in Roseville, CA, look no further than Blue Hill Dental! Our caring and compassionate team will make you feel right at home in our comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Roseville family dentist, Hetal Rana DDS, treats children and adults. She makes it her goal to educate all patients and / or parents of little ones about any procedures they may need, so they may understand the entire process and make informed decisions about their oral health care.

Importance of Early Dentistry

Dr. Rana is a children’s dentist as well as a general dentist. She treats children as young as 2 years of age. She understands the importance of creating a pleasant experience for young patients, in order to set a good foundation for a future of healthy smiles. Our Roseville family dentist believes that a great first trip to the dentist can eliminate a lifetime of dental anxiety.

For many children and adults, the dentist office is associated with discomfort and vulnerability. At Blue Hill Dental, we work to reverse this thinking by creating a friendly and anxiety free environment. Through education and interaction, Dr. Rana works to establish a healthy way of viewing a trip to the dentist. The earlier a patient realizes that the goal of a dentist is simply to help, the easier it will be for them to return regularly throughout their life.

Your Comfort is Key

As a Roseville family dentist, Dr. Rana uses various methods to create a comfortable environment during procedures. These methods can be anything from a simple pillow and blanket, to relaxation-inducing breathing exercises. Dr. Rana goes to great lengths to ensure the comfort of every patient on an individual level. She is careful and has a gentle hand during all procedures.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with our Roseville family dentist, call the office at (916)-774-4499 or request an appointment online today.